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Ring of Hope

About Us

The Ring of Hope started in the summer of 2010 as a partnership between Just Christ Ministries and Revere Care (community organization). This grass roots community endeavor received financial and moral support from local businesses, political leaders, and community residents. As a pilot program we focused our efforts in the Greater Grand Crossing community. Along with our youth programs ROH has implemented weekly food distribution to families in need. We have started the process of implementing a job skills training program. In the near future we would like also provide mental health counseling, support for substance abuse, parenting classes and, financial literacy courses. There are many issues that are facing our community today but, ROH is committed to being a light in the community that offers the hope and support that will rebuild our community so they thrive for generations to come. With your support you can help insure that our vision for our community becomes an reality.

Why Are We Doing It?

Ring Of Hope wants to address the social and emotional issues that hinders people in Greater Grand Crossing and other surrounding Chicago communities, in the age groups of (youths 6-18, and adults) from evolving.

Our Programs

It is our goal to create a safe environment for children, and create empowerment, hope, change, sustainability, and revitalization within the Greater Grand Crossing and other surrounding Chicago communities. The major goal of our programs - heal the family as a whole and create opportunity for those seeking help.

Our Mission: "To provide programs and services that empower youths and adults to enhance their lives and communities"

ROH Boxing

After school and summer program that will teach the fundamental of boxing and a positive way to channel aggression. It will also teach the value of self-discipline, and physical fitness. Boxing teaches balance. Keep your head still and on swivel. Mind your surroundings, and stay centered. When a boxer is balanced, he’s both agile and immovable. The same concept applies to life.

InnerCity Mission

Inner City Mission Network Food Pantry is a free Community Food Pantry. It provides the following services- SNAP application; HIV/ AIDS Awareness; Hygiene packets; Weekly Food Disbursement, Fresh Produce; Canned Goods; Dry Goods; Pastry; Meat; and Dairy Products. - Weekly: Thursday 1-3pm and the 4th Wednesday of the Month.


New Vision Employment Services will offer work readiness training as well as soft skill workshops, career coaching, and have an employer placement network. Clients will learn how to search for jobs, proper etiquettes in the workplace, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, how to maintain employment, and what to expect after hire. The program will also teach the basic knowledge of living with a job (i.e. finances, banking, and income reporting). Ring of Hope is also working on other programs such as a jump-rope and afterschool program.

ROH Mentoring

Mentoring will be in conjunction with the boxing program as well as stand along classes that teach personal development and accountability. As well as assisting youths with issues that relates to drugs, guns, abuse and other topics that are affecting our youths. Our mentoring program for our youth is projected to have significant benefits such as lower dropout rates in high school and subsequently increased graduation rates, along with an increase of enrollment into and graduation from institutions of higher education.

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