H.O.P.E Program

 (Healthy Opportunities Provides Enrichment)

The HOPE Program will begin February 7, 2022 with a kickoff open house February 1, 2022. Registration begins January 24, 2022 through February 1, 2022. Registration can be done on-line or in person at 7445 S. South Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60619 from 11am-3:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

In an aim to reduce violence in the community, Ring of Hope will be offering the following programs:  CLICK HERE

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About us.

Ring of Hope’s mission is to provide youth sports/fitness and mentoring programs as well as supply resources to enhance the quality of life to families in the Greater Grand Crossing community. It is the vision of Ring of Hope to reduce violence and increase opportunities that bring HOPE and open doors that will create a more equitable future for the Greater Grand Crossing community.

According to a US government study, violent crimes by youth peak during afterschool hours. By providing youth with a positive afterschool environment, Ring of Hope reduces the chances of children engaging in dangerous and criminal activity, as well as the chances of youth becoming victims of crime.

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After School Programs

Ring of Hope currently provides a Boxing and Double Dutch Program. The primary purpose of the programs is to teach young men and women the value of self-discipline, physical fitness, and proper nutrition.

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New Vision

In the coming months Ring of Hope will have an on-site computer lab to conduct classes and job assessments. New vision is a program designed to teach basic job skills and proper placement within workforce for many of the parents of the children participating in the Ring of Hope programs.

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Food Pantry

Ring of Hope’s food pantry, ICMN, runs once a week on Thursdays for 2 hours, as well as once a month on Wednesdays for 3 hours. The food provided primarily comes via donations from the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and around 10 volunteers from the community help run the food pantry each week.

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Greater Grand Crossing

According to a survey conducted by Afterschool Alliance, nearly 9 in 10 African-American parents agree that afterschool programs help give working parents peace of mind and that children and teens should have some form of organized activity after school.

Additionally, more than 7 in 10 African-American children living in communities of concentrated poverty who are not in an afterschool program would be enrolled if a program were available to them.

Ring of Hope aspires to help fill this afterschool gap and be a supportive asset for parents and families during after school hours.

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Our mission

To provide youth sports/fitness and mentoring programs as well as supply resources to enhance the quality of life to families in the Greater Grand Crossing community

ROH Sports programs

Consist of youth boxing and Double-Dutch classes that teach youth basic skills and techniques. The goal is to teach the value of self-discipline and confidence as well as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, good decision-making, and how to build and maintain healthy relationships.

ROH E-T- A  program

Expression Through Arts program consists of Print and Digital Media design and Audio Video Broadcast Productions. Participants will create and make a promotional product and will provide youths a form of expression to discuss solutions, ideas, or concerns, problems and conflict they are experiencing. Youth will learn how to funnel their creativity learn digital literacy skills and gain knowledge though STEM based programs. The goal of the program focuses on team building, work ethics, and communication skills as well as provide career opportunities. 

Trauma-Informed Group

ROH Mentoring follows TF-CBT curriculum which focuses on empowering youths dealing with powerlessness, low self-esteem, and interpersonal difficulties commonly experienced by youths living in socially undesirable environments. Mentoring will be delivered to participants via “Keep it Real” program. These program segments are held daily and overseen by a License Clinical Social Worker. The LCSW will also be available to work with participants on a one-on-one basis as needed.


Get In The Ring Series

“Get In The Ring”, is a video segment aimed at providing community residents with information that will help them fight for their future and the future of their children.


Trauma -Informed Mentoring

Ring of Hope has this program inplace where mentees learn self-discipline, conflict resolution, anger management and peer-pressure through a series of interactive workshops


With its afterschool programs and its food pantry service, Ring of Hope has served thousands of members of the Greater Grand Crossing community. Moving forward, Ring of Hope plans to build upon its previous successes by reaching even more community members. It is hoping to expand this series to viewers nationwide.


In these series of video lessons we will have Financial Planners, Insurance Menotrs, Real Estate Advisors, Credit Specialist and much more.


Senior Pastor Anthony Wright - Host (2020)

Ring Leaders

The Ring Of Hope Leadership Team


Anthony Wright

Senior Pastor & C.E.O.


Anthony Wright is the Chief Executive Officer for Ring of Hope.  Mr. Wright serves as a Pastor, teacher, visionary, and community leader in the Greater Grand Crossing community. He is a graduate of Trinity International Deerfield IL, with two bachelor’s degrees: one in Christian Ministry and, the other in organizational leadership. Anthony Wright later received a master’s degree in Social work from the University of Chicago and, currently working toward his LCSW (license clinical social worker).  For over a decade he has worked within the Chicago Public School system with high school and grammar school students, as a teacher, prevention specialist, and more recently as a social worker.  Anthony Wright has a passion for community development and outreach. He has been married for over 25 years to wife Chondra Wright, and the proud father of five boys. After more than 15 years in ministries and nine years in community development, Anthony Wright, continues to be a leading voice of inspiration for those in which he serves.