About Us


About Us

Ring of Hope programming currently takes place in a building owned by Just Christ Ministries in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood. The boxing and double-dutch afterschool programs run three times a week during the school year, from 4 pm to 7 pm. Mentoring curriculum is integrated into these two programs, mentees learn self-discipline, conflict resolution, anger management and peer pressure, as well as the downside of alcohol and drugs. Ring of Hope serves roughly 20 youth through its programs each school year.


The Founder and Executive Director of Ring of Hope, Mr. Anthony D. Wright, is a dynamic pastor, teacher, visionary, and community leader. Pastor Wright is from the Greater Grand Crossing community and has a passion for community development. He received two bachelor’s degrees in Christian Ministry and Organizational Leadership from Trinity International Deerfield, Illinois. Pastor Wright has also received a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago, and is currently working toward becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). For over a decade, he has worked within the Chicago Public School system with high school and grammar school students as a teacher, prevention specialist, and more recently as a social worker. He is passionate about making a change in his community, and his professional interests focus on building a successful organization through youth and family service, where he has more than a decade of hands-on experience.

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Greater Grand Crossing

According to a survey conducted by Afterschool Alliance, nearly 9 in 10 African-American parents agree that afterschool programs help give working parents peace of mind and that children and teens should have some form of organized activity after school.

Additionally, more than 7 in 10 African-American children living in communities of concentrated poverty who are not in an afterschool program would be enrolled if a program were available to them.

Ring of Hope aspires to help fill this afterschool gap and be a supportive asset for parents and families during after school hours.

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Programs & Services

Ring of Hope Youth and Family Services offer the following


ROH Boxing

Boxing is a sport that teaches community members values and skills such as discipline, mental strength, control and the ability to take personal responsibility. These are all skills that can be used to overcome social problems.



ROH Double Dutch

ROH utilizes Jump-Rope as a means to foster healthy living, promote educational excellence and personal development.

ROH Double Dutch teaches youths 6-18 basic Double Dutch technique, it will also teach self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, good decision-making, and how to build and maintain healthy relationships.




Trauma-Informed Mentoring help young members of the community take control of their lives in a productive way, mentoring helps cultivate a new generation of leaders. We believe that trauma-informed mentoring has the power to create a strong positive impact on our youth program participants..



Inner City Mission Network

ICMN Food pantry addresses the complex issue of food insecurity and directly serve members of the community that suffer from hunger and food insecurity.

ICMN is ROH food pantry. Its mission is to alleviate hunger. ICMN is a Community Pantry that Cares. Inner-City Missions currently distributes food to Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing Community and the surrounding communities every Thursday from 1-3 pm and every fourth Wednesday from 3-6 pm.


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